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Allegian Advantage Plans is committed to reporting suspected fraud, waste and abuse. Learning more about the False Claims Act is an important tool in the fight against those who knowingly submit, or cause another person or entity to submit false claims for payment of government funds. The False Claims Act covers false claims, false statements, and protects whistleblowers. It allows private citizens to sue an entity that is defrauding the government and is aimed at eliminating fraud, waste and abuse in federally-funded programs.

There are several ways you can report suspected fraud, waste, and abuse. Click on the article “Reporting Medicare and Medicare Part D Fraud, Waste and Abuse Reporting Medicare and Medicare Part D Fraud” for examples of fraud, waste, and abuse, and the methods available for you to report it.

Has anyone approached you in a public area and offered FREE services, groceries, or other items in exchange for your Medicare number?


This is a common fraud schemeButton - Report it Now

H8554_011-2017 Approved (Updated 11/07/16)

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